Volunteer Events

Training and Outings

Usually related to the scenarios in the centre this has included visits to the Tram Depot, the CCTV Central Monitoring Suite and Fire Museum; and inputs from partners and supporters including SP Energy Networks, Scotland Gas Networks, RNLI, RLSS, British Transport Police and Network Rail.

Volunteer Family Days

These are an opportunity for our volunteers to bring along their family and friends to show them what they do whilst volunteering at the Centre.  Generally these occur during school holidays and quiet times at the centre.

Thank You Parties

We hold two parties for the volunteers a year to say thank you, one is held after the summer to welcome the volunteers back after the long  break, it also gives them a chance to attend some refresher training. The other is in winter before we break for Christmas. The volunteers have also been known to organise the odd night out for a meal or bowling, etc.