School Visits

What happens at The Risk Factory?

The Risk Factory is based on the principle that learning by experience is more memorable than being told what to do.  At The Risk Factory pupils are put into scenarios that they could face in everyday life and asked to identify risks and are taught strategies that could help save not only their own lives but other peoples'.  Coming to The Risk Factory allows them to make mistakes but in a safe environment where they can learn from their mistakes.

On arrival at the centre, the school will be welcomed into the building by a member of staff and the pupils split into groups.  The groups will then be introduced to their Volunteer Safety Guide who will provide each pupil with a name badge.  After a short briefing on what to expect the groups will be led into the main scenario area by their Safety Guide who will lead them through the tour.

How do I book a visit?

To book a visit for your school please complete our online booking form and send to The Risk Factory.  We aim to reply to all emails within two working days.  If the dates you requested are available a confirmation email will be sent.  However, if none of the dates requested are free we will attempt to phone and then email you to request that you contact us to discuss suitable alternatives.

The learning at the centre is linked to the Curriculum for Excellence standards.

Risk Assessment Form

All Primary 7 classes within the local authority areas that provide support for the Centre – City of Edinburgh Council and Midlothian Council’s -  are not charged to attend.  For all independent schools and pupils outwith these areas / Primary 7 age group the charge is £6.50 plus VAT per pupil (August-January); and £9.50 plus VAT (February-June).

Additional needs

Some pupils with additional needs may benefit by having reviewed our Social Story and Visual Journey with their teacher prior to visiting. If your group is coming from an Additional Needs or Special school we do require a group leader / teacher to attend The Risk Factory to complete a pre-visit so that we can tailor our programme to the groups specific needs.