We ask teachers to complete an evaluation form when they visit.  Here are some of the comments that we have received:

Dalry Primary School, December 2012 "This is such a valuable trip.  Pupils gain so much knowledge and personal safety skills - much more than learning about them in the classroom.  A huge thank you to all staff and volunteers!"  Ms Clements

The Mary Erskine & Stewart's Melville Junior School, January 2013  "The children get a lot from this trip.  It really makes them think and many of them take away advice that they will remember in the case of an emergency.  I feel this is a very valuable trip."  Miss Waller

Prestonpans Primary School, February 2013 "An excellent trip/experience for Primary 7 pupils who are exposed to a lot of these risks on a daily basis.  I think some pupils are unaware of the consequences of their/others actions.  Such a realistic and beneficial experience."  Miss Nuttall

Pinewood School, March 2013  "Staff were friendly and enthusiastic, really listened and interacted with the pupils.  They spoke clearly and reinforced learning to help our pupils.  We had a fantastic morning  - watching the pupils think and and react and in turn learn in the different scenarios was great.  The pupils themselves all had a great experience."  Ms Forrest


We also welcome feedback from the pupils, here's just a few:

"It was really fun!" Lucy from East Lothian

"On Tuesday P7 went to The Risk Factory. The Risk Factory is all about being able to make mistakes in a safe envionment when something life threatening is happening to you and others. Everyone really enjoyed it and most people liked the same one but we're not allowed to tell you ANYTHING. So don't bother asking!!! Shhh... it's a secret!" Pupil from Leith Primary School

"All we will say is that The Risk Factory was an amazing experience and we learnt so much from it" Pupils from Davidson's Mains Primary School